Coffee Shops to visit in Australia

We’ve been back for a month and I have finally got my head around the many amazing coffee shops in Australia. From Sydney to Perth and back to Brisbane, here is a list of coffee shops I recommend you visit when you go to Australia.


Our coffee adventures began in Sydney. A busy city, bustling with commuters, workmen, and tourists… all in search of a good coffee. Coffee is not a luxury in Australia, it is a daily lifestyle, a necessity that is easily accessible on most streets.

Mecca Coffee Roasters | Alexandria

We spent a lot of our time in an area called Surry Hills. I fell in love with the quaint streets and architecture of this city suburb. The coffee shops were also just incredible so you will notice a few listed below from the area. When you visit Sydney don’t be afraid to extend your range outside of the inner city vibes. We found incredible coffee roasters and cafes all over the Sydney landscape. So here are a few you MUST get to when you visit Australia.

Artificer | 547 Bourke Street, Surry Hills | Facebook

Neighbourhood by Sean McManus | 16 Buckingham Street, Surry Hills | Instagram

Reuben Hills | 61 Albion Street, Surry Hills | Instagram

Mecca Coffee Roasters | 26 Bourke Road, Alexandria | Facebook

Single Origin Roasters | 28B Cranbrook Street, Botany | Facebook

Paramount Coffee Project | 80 Commonwealth Street | Facebook

The Copper Mill | 338 – 356 Mitchell Road, Alexandria | Facebook


The next stop on our trip was to visit family in Perth. Obviously I had scouted some places out before hand but with a bit of help from a few locals we ventured upon some absolutely incredible coffee shops.

Max & Sons
Max & Sons | 140 Perth

Just down the road from where we were staying was our first coffee stop and from Nedlands, we found some winners in Subiaco and then a whole bunch in the city. We also spent two days in Freemantle, where we spent many hours huddled in the warm cafes of this Uni and Harbour town.

Elixir | 145 Stirling Highway, Nedlands | Facebook

Felix & Co | 160 Hampden Road, Nedlands | Facebook

Architects & Heroes | 25 Rokeby Road, Subiaco | Facebook

Small Print Baker & Coffee Maker | 125 St Georges Terrace, CBD | Facebook 

DuoTone | 313 Hay Street, East Perth | Facebook

Max & Sons | 140 Perth | Facebook

Willie Wagtail |131 William Street | Facebook

Tiisch | 9B 938 Hay Street | Facebook

The Attic | 16 Bannister Street, Freemantle | Facebook


After a brilliant week in Perth we jet set back to the East Coast, this time up to Brisbane. Our time in Brisbane was not all our own, as Paul was working for a lot of it but we managed to get in some good coffee between meetings and on the road in the morning. Brisbane’s coffee scene made me very excited. Again with the coffee lifestyle, there is an evident grab and go culture.

Morning After
Morning After | 57 Vulture Street

Coffee shops are smaller, not your regular spot to sit and get work done, but rather grab a quick coffee and a snack before heading back to the office. There certainly are those coffee shops on the outskirts of town, towards the suburbs, that you’ll find more moms with prams taking it easy in for the morning. Some of my favourite coffee shops around Brisbane are listed below.

John Mills Himself | 40 Charlotte Street, CBD | Instagram

Bunker Coffee | 21 Railway Terrace | Facebook

Morning After | 57 Vulture Street, West End | Facebook

The Single Guys | 2/2051 Moggill Road, Kenmore | Facebook

Blacksmith  Specialty Coffee | 8 Bothwell Street, Mount Gravatt | Facebook

Dovetail On Overend | 85 Overend Street, Norman Park | Facebook

Dandelion & Driftwood | 45 Gerler Road, Hendra | Facebook

We also spent a few days North on the Sunshine Coast in Noosa, and we then went down to the Gold Coast for a long weekend with family to end our 4 weeks. Here are some spots not to miss in those areas of Australia.

Padre Coffee
Padre Coffee | Noosaville

Padre | 10 Eenie Creek Road, Noosaville | Facebook

Clandestino Roasters | 59 Rene Street, Noosaville | Facebook

Espl. Coffee Brewers | 4 The Esplanade, Surfers Paradise | Facebook

All in all we had a phenomenal, coffee fuelled trip. Pregnancy did not stop this coffee blogger from getting around to as many great Australian coffee shops as possible. Paul and I shared coffee, bonded over delicate flavours, and marvelled on a new part of the world. All the above coffee shops welcomed us in with friendly faces and delicious coffee. Thank you to all the baristas, managers, owners, and coffee friends we spent time with in Australia, you made our trip so worthwhile.

I hope this list sends some more traffic to your coffee shops, from around the world!

Mandela Day Coffee Challenge

I am extremely excited to share this Mandela Day Coffee Challenge blog post with you, as it includes two of my favourite aspects of life… generosity and coffee. As many of us know the 18th of July is Mandela Day and each year we are encouraged to spend 67 minutes giving back or making a difference generously. This year a few of the coffee shops around Durban, Upper Highway and PMB have hopped on board with Ingane Yami Children’s Village to make a difference throughout the month of July.

Mandela Day Coffee Challenge

Yes you read right; for the whole of July, when you buy a coffee at one of these coffee shops, 67c of the cost will be donated to Ingane Yami as part of the Mandela Day Coffee Challenge.

The coffee shops to get to are…

Upper Highway
Lineage, Hillcrest & Waterfall
Jooma, Kloof
Caffe Mobile, Shongweni Farmers Market
Sprigs, Kloof
Sam’s Cafe, Kloof
Bellevue, Kloof
Stretta, Hillcrest
Oscars, Hillcrest
Juice Kitchen, Hillcrest
Go Coffee Café, Assagay
I Love my Coffee, Kloof
Assagay Coffee, Cato Ridge/Inchange
Curro HCA School, Hillcrest
Market Cafe, Hillcrest
Highbury School, Hillcrest

The Boiler Room

Durban north:
Colombo (July 18 only)

Empire Coffee

Mandela Day Coffee Challenge

Mandela Day Coffee Challenge

How awesome is that! Come on KZN, let’s support this generously and make a difference to the lives of the children at Ingane Yami. This is our challenge for the month of July, not just Mandela Day. Get yourself a coffee at one of the above coffee shops and you’ll be supporting a great cause.

Mandela Day Coffee Challenge

A bit more info about Ingani Yami

Ingane Yami Children’s Village is just over the hill, in Shongweni, and has a powerful impact by rescuing and restoring the lives of previously orphaned and abandoned children. Ingane Yami is bringing change right on our door steps.

For more information about Ingane Yami have a look at their website: To enquire more about this initiative, you can contact Patricia Deacon on

Parkside Durban

There is a new coffee shop open at the Station Drive precinct in Durban, and it’s called Parkside. Yes they are pouring silky smooth and oh-so tasty espresso shots, using Colombo Coffee beans.  You’ll find Parkside in The Station at 39 Station Drive, which is just off Umgeni Road in Morningside.

Parkside Durban

Parkside Durban

I may be slightly obsessed with this interior… especially the black and copper/rose gold coffee machine!

Parkside Durban

Parkside Durban

The Station is a creative new space in the precinct, and is home to designer, vintage wear, photographers and good coffee. Parkside have free wifi so it is a great spot to get to those emails while enjoying a cup of coffee. Also, make sure you take cash or have the Zapper app to pay for your coffee as they don’t have card facilities at present.

Run by Dan, Parkside also offer an assortment of fresh and healthy lunches. From salads, to quiches, and more healthy goodness, Parkside fits right into the healthy lifestyle of Durban.

Parkside Durban

There are two tables inside The Station and a few places to sit on the verge outside, which really makes Parkside a unique Durban experience. The Station owner, Paul Basson, and his team have plans for an art park outside so this precinct really is starting to boom into something proudly authentic for Durban.

So the next time you have a moment or are in the Morningside area, get to Parkside and grab a coffee to go or sit down for coffee and lunch.

You can follow Parkside on Facebook at Parkside Durban.

Parkside is open Monday to Friday 7am – 4pm and on Sundays from 8am – 1pm.

The NEW Home of Colombo Coffee

You may have seen me posting all over Facebook and Instagram about the new home of Colombo Coffee. Well I’m updating all my blog readers too. The map has been updated and you can now find Colombo Coffee at Shop 1, 59 Kensington Drive (also known as Adelaide Tambo Drive), Durban North. The cafe is perched in the front, serving their usual exceptional coffee, and they will be roasting coffee from the back of the shop.

Factory Cafe and Colombo Coffee & Tea have merged as one and moved from their previous downtown Glenwood location to this spot in Durban North. They have muffins, donuts and cake on sale and a small menu of toasted sarmies for lunch.

I took a few pictures while I was there. Here’s what it’s looking like.

colombo coffee

colombo coffee

colombo coffee

Look out for Union Square (the burger joint), park your car and walk into that centre and you’ll find Colombo Coffee just behind them. I’m sure I will see you there at some point as this is my favourite coffee in Durban and now they are just down the road from me. #yesplease

The Pregnant Coffee Blogger

The news is out, this coffee blogger is pregnant. After 16 weeks I am once again able to indulge in warm beverages. Not regularly, however up until now all I have been able to drink is cold water, milk and actually just anything cold and refreshing. Not the ideal situation for a coffee blogger but I always knew it would be a difficult one with all the caffeine warnings out there for pregnant women.

baby rowneyIllustration by Paige Bates

So I had to do the research because as some of you know, I am going to Australia to visit a bunch of coffee shops in June! Yes the pregnant coffee blogger is doing a coffee tour down under. LUCKILY my husband is as big (if not bigger) a coffee nerd as I am. So regulation is decaf or no more than 1 cup of coffee a day. Some espresso has a higher dose of caffeine than others so we’ll be ordering one to share wherever we go so I can get the tastes in at all the great coffee shops we’ll visit.

I’d love to hear from the coffee lovers out there who have experienced pregnancy and the joys of cutting down on coffee. Any tips?

I must admit I am not one who HAS to have a coffee first thing in the morning. I actually rarely drink coffee at home. I like to save the experience for a good coffee shop so I can really enjoy it and share that experience with my readers.

So the next 6 months should be great fun as we count down to meeting our little coffee bean. I’ll be documenting our Australia trip on Instagram so make sure you’re following me @pipsrowney and when I return I will have SO many awesome spots to share on my blog and coffee map. I cannot wait.