10 of the Best Coffee Shops in South Africa

Looking for great coffee shops to visit around South Africa. I spend a good deal of time visiting coffee shops and although I haven’t been to EVERY coffee shop there is, these are my top picks for coffee shops. In case you were wondering, I rate a coffee shop on the quality of coffee and the experience. This list is in no particular order. Oh and there are definitely more than 10 :)

Father Coffee (JHB)

Father Coffee

Father Coffee is a Joburg favourite for many living in and traveling to the City of Gold. Located in Braamfontein, Father Coffee roast their own coffee in their quaint yet on trend coffee shop. With only 3 small tables inside Father Coffee is a great place to stop for a take away coffee while you explore the streets of Braamies.

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The Factory Café (Durban)

Factory Cafe

This Durban coffee spot is a popular coffee shop in one of KZN’s top coffee roasteries, Colombo Coffee. The Factory Café is a favourite of mine, as they really are leading the charge when it comes to specialty coffee. Not only do they serve a number of coffee blends, and single origin beans, but you can order coffee made in a number of ways. Espresso, AeroPress, Pour Over, Chemex, Siphon. Yes there really is a coffee method using a Siphon. The Factory Café is spacious, the staff are awesome, and it’s a unique coffee experience if you are in Durban.

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Rosetta Roastery (CT)

Rosetta Roastery

With its sophisticated decor, neat interior and chic black and white branding, Rosetta Roastery has done well to match their superior coffee reputation with their overall brand. Rosetta Roastery is pure coffee magic, and a treat for ones senses. Rosetta Roastery can be found at 66 Albert Rd, Woodstock.

“At Rosetta Roastery we’re passionate about coffees that are as unique and character-filled as the people who drink them. We source single origin and estate coffees from South & Central America, Africa and Asia, micro-roasting each one to best present its unique personality. Great coffee is best enjoyed fresh and at leisure, which is why we deliver twice weekly in Cape Town, free of charge.” 

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EspressoLab (CT)

Espresso Lab

When you walk into EspressoLab you will be met by vibrant baristas and a coffee menu unlike any other. EspressoLab’s white interior contrasts superbly with the rich coffee aromas flowing from their on-site roaster. The almost science lab feel and their coffee knowledge is an education rather than a mere coffee date. EspressoLab serve a variety of Ethiopian coffees and not just as a standard espresso. You’ll be amazed at the different ways you can enjoy coffee at this coffee shop.

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Tribe Coffee (CT)

Tribe Coffee Roasting

I just love the feel of this Woodstock coffee shop. It’s cosy in winter and airy in summer. Their window seats make getting through emails so much easier, and their baristas are such friendly guys. They too roast their coffee on-site and know a lot about different coffees. They have a small menu of snacks and a large menu of espresso based drinks. Tribe have also just opened a shop at the BMW on Buitengracht Street.

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Origin Coffee (CT & JHB)

Origin Coffee Roasters

Origin Coffee is where my love for coffee began. The Origin in Cape Town has and always been such a treat for me to visit. Their coffee knowledge is exceptional and they can tell you what flavours you will experience when you order a particular coffee, made with a particular blend or single origin bean. Origin Coffee on Hudson Street has the most incredible tea room if you want to try another experience. Origin offer regular barista courses and training as well. Their coffee shop at Arts on Main in Joburg is another one worth visiting.

Bean There Coffee (JHB & CT)

Bean There Coffee

Committed to ethical and fair trade, Bean There Coffee Company is well known for their relationship with coffee farmers. Bean There source their coffee from around Africa and roast at their 44 Stanley coffee shop in JHB. This coffee shop is a great place to relax and enjoy a morning in the warm Joburg sun. 44 Stanley is full of great shops to wander around so grab a coffee and best you go during the week to avoid the masses.

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Duke & Duchess (Durban)

Duke and Duchess

This Durban spot is unlike many coffee shops as it comes hand in hand with a motorbike shop, barber, and men’s apparel store. Duke & Duchess is located in the Outlet Park on Meridian Drive, Umhlanga. The staff are SUPER friendly and if you go there more than once Nikki will start calling you by name. Serving locally roasted Colombo Coffee and a menu of cakes, treats, breakfast, and lunch, this café is perfect for lazy lunches or business meetings.

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Truth Coffee (CT)

Truth Coffee

If you’ve heard of Steampunk Style then you’ve heard of Truth Coffee. Truth Coffee has built up quite a reputation with its unique Steampunk décor and experience. Truth roast their own coffee on-site at their Buitenkant Street coffee shop, and they often host coffee events and functions for the public. Truth Coffee is changing the way people view coffee, as they continue to serve well roasted, great tasting coffee.

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Vintage Coffee (JHB)

Vintage Coffee

Now this coffee shop makes the list for many reasons but mostly because these guys aren’t just serving coffee… these guys are using coffee to give back to the community. At Vintage Coffee every coffee made contributes to the upliftment of community projects around the Gauteng area. Vintage Coffee serve a number of difference coffee brands, however they are committed to good quality and pour a mean doubleshot espresso.

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Lineage Coffee (Durban)

Lineage Coffee

In 2014 Lineage owner, Craig Charity, placed 15th in the world at the World Barista Champs. This year he won the KZN Barista Champs and will compete to regain his title as SA Barista Champ in November. Craig is committed to constantly improving his customers coffee experience. He roasts his own coffee and has trained his baristas to a standard of excellence. It’s unlikely you’ll drink a bad coffee at Lineage, unless of course your taste buds are not attune to the flavor. Their first coffee shop opened in Hillcrest at Stretta Café and they have just opened a second at Watercrest Mall.

There you have it, just a few of SA’s top coffee shops. Do yourself a favour and stop in for a cup of coffee at any of these coffee shops and enjoy a whole new coffee experience.


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